Monday, May 27, 2024

Beware of "refund on council tax" calls in Thurrock

THURROCK Council has been made aware of residents being called by an unsolicited company claiming that they may be entitled to a refund on their council tax.

For a £65 fee, the company offers to check if your property has been correctly banded and if not, says they may be entitled to a refund.

Portfolio Holder for Central Services and Finance, Cllr Shane Hebb is dismayed Thurrock residents are being targeted.

Speaking on Friday (9 September) he said: “Thankfully, we’ve been made aware because residents who have had the phone call offering the service have called us direct to check.

“However, it does make you wonder how many might have fallen for it.

“The most irritating part of this deal is all of the services the company is offering to provide are accessible, easy and free for anybody to do. It is similar to the PPI ‘offer’ where companies can claim what is rightfully yours but take a large percentage as compensation. Whist it’s not illegal, but there is lots of support and help available online if you wanted to do it yourself.”

If a resident feels their property has been banded incorrect, they can appeal to the Valuation Office Agency who is responsible for setting the bands.

He added: “Please tell your family, friends and neighbours – and help spread the message.”


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