Is an anti-social behaviour epidemic sweeping through Thurrock?

IS an anti-social behaviour epidemic sweeping through Thurrock?

According to the police, there are small pockets of youths creating a disturbance.

But if you join the dots of vandalism, public disorder and violence (from Aveley to Corringham), it is starting to paint a picture of lawlessness in a borough where police numbers have been cut to the very bone.

Our photographs show scenes in Aveley taken on Monday morning.

There are also almost daily reports of arson incidents in Chadwell St Mary.

Hardie Park in Stanford-le-Hope has been struck by vandals.

And, as usual, residents have complained regarding intimidating youths in Corringham.

Is it a matter of police numbers. Recently, we brought up the subject with the leader of Thurrock Council. cllr Rob Gledhill but he declined to comment on police numbers.

Of course, the police in Harlow were referring to small groups of youths. The rest in that new town, has been very well documented.

This is the first in a series of pieces on the subject.

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