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Thurrock Council litter campaign may not continue

THE Thurrock Council campaign to clean up the borough faces an uncertain future.

When the Tories took over the running of the council in May, they pledged to try and clean up the borough.

However, the "Clean It, Cut It, Fill It" was a pilot scheme and the question remains as to whether the Tories are prepared to keep spending on it.

In July, UKIP deputy leader, cllr Roy Jones asked how much the campaign would cost but did not receive a figure.

But on Wednesday, it was noted that the cabinet want to see over £250,000 spent on cleaning the borough.

Last Wednesday, the question of the campaign came up again. Cllr Shane Hebb stressed it was a pilot.

The challenge is that do they continue to spend on cleaning the borough and if they do, where does that money come from, that is to say, at what cost to another service.

It is a dilemma for the Thurrock Conservatives, who avowedly back cutting back local government by as much as 80 per cent but are now left holding the proverbial baby as they face the challenge of, possibly, making some difficult decisions.

The ‘Clean It, Cut It, Fill It" campaign feels like a thankless task as all it seems to achieve is a lot of people noticing a lot of mess elsewhere. But then cut back and it may all have appeared as a waste of time.

Then again, there are not any local elections in May 2017…..

IT look like it may be a challenging six months for the councillor at Thurrock Council in charge of the borough’s finances.

You agree with the government over making massive cuts to local government but that is difficult enough in leafy Uttlesford or East Herts. It is a completely different kettle of fish in Thurrock.

And judging by the performance of cllr Shane Hebb last week at cabinet, they are going to need a lot of help selling their budget to the people of Thurrock.

Especially with 17 UKIP councillors breathing down their necks as well as the scrutiny of former council leader John Kent.

The campaign is referred to after the ten minute mark in the film.


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