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Blogpost: Why Labour should not be led by Owen Smith

How to annihilate the Labour Party, Owen Smith-style

By Scott Nelson

GAFFE-prone Owen Smith continues to display his sheer ignorance towards Brexit. Not satisfied in alienating 17 million people who voted Brexit by threatening to block Article 50, he now says he would join the Euro and take Britain into the Schengen Zone which would damage Britain’s economy and cause an immigration surge. This is sheer political lunacy at its finest.

Owen Smith is refusing to respect democracy by going against Brexit and appears to be on a political suicide mission, his endless threats towards Brexit will alienate millions of working class Labour supporters around the country and he will drive them towards UKIP. Only last week Owen Smith said that losing voters to UKIP would be ‘worth it’ and based on that, he is clearly only interested in seeking votes from Tories and middle class people.

Owen Smith is an example why Labour has become toxic in working class areas like Thurrock, Basildon and south Essex. His predecessors Neil Kinnock, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown alienated millions of working class voters because they only cared about middle class voters and the elite which is why Neil Kinnock was unelectable and Tony Blair and Gordon Brown lost millions of working class Labour supporters between them. Owen Smith is following in their footsteps.

It is abundantly clear that Owen Smith is a self-serving, out of touch and ignorant politician, he simply does not care about the feelings of working class people and his politics is based on his very own political ideology. Jeremy Corbyn, however, is reaching out to millions of working class people and is giving them hope. He has also accepted Brexit and has called for Article 50 to be invoked and for Britain to leave the single market.

Jeremy Corbyn has also addressed immigration and these are fundamental issues affecting working class communities like south Essex which Owen Smith continues to ignore because his own political ideology takes precedence.

Owen Smith is a political car crash and if he wins the Labour leadership contest then he will annihilate the Labour Party and drive millions of working class people into the arms of UKIP. Under his leadership, Labour will go the same way it has in Scotland under Kezia Dugdale: an unelectable toxic party led by a self-serving political nonentity.

Written by Scott Nelson

Your Thurrock Political Blogger

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