Mr Perrin’s blog: A Word in Your Ear….More words on the Corbyn victory

Blogpost: Mr Perrin’s blog: A Word in Your Ear.

AS an ex- soldier I am inclined to magnanimity in victory but I do not feel the slightest inclination to be magnanimous to those “weasly “ Labour Party MPs who resented Mr Corbyn’s decisive Leadership victory in 2015 and have spent the past year sniping, bleating and plotting against him and his parliamentary supporters . Having challenged him they tried “every trick in the book” to thwart his right to contest the challenge and stand for re-election. Unlike Mr Corbyn, I am not so forgiving; my advice to those mealy-mouthed, cowardly, traitorous plotters and their supporters is treat yourselves to the biggest bag of “gobstoppers” and let us hear no more of your petty whining.

I am of the opinion that Owen Smith was being used as a means of “testing the water” and had he won it would not have been long before the less brave, such as the “gung-ho, lets bomb Syria” Hilary Benn, would have been challenging Mr Smith. Mr Owen admitted that there was little difference between him and Mr Corbyn politically, it was more about perceived “electability” i.e. ”charisma” and “fitness” to be prime-minister, if that be the case neither Mr Owen or Mr Benn can, in my opinion, claim superiority in “charisma” or “prime-ministerial fitness”.

Those opposed to Mr Corbyn claim they do so because they are concerned about the future of the Labour Party, just listen to Mr Neil Kinnock, a former “failed” leader of the Labour Party, forecasting that he fears he “will not see a Labour Government in his (remaining) lifetime”, and blames Mr Corbyn and his supporters for all of the Labour Party’s woes. If the dissenters truly have the future of the Labour Party as their number one concern they should, with good grace, accept the result and work with Jeremy Corbyn to secure a victory for the Labour Party at the next General Election, whenever that may be.

There are members of the Labour Party, politicians included, who hark back to the Tony Blair years and cite his success based on the fact he won three successive General Elections in a row, but it is not just winning that is a measure of your success, it is what you stand for and do as the Government. It cannot be denied that Mr Blair did some very good things whilst he was Prime Minister, however, he was also guilty of pursuing some very bad things not least of which was tying himself (thereby the UK) to the coat-tails of President Bush and his “vendetta” with Sadam Hussein, look where that got us, we went to war based on “terminological inexactitudes” i.e. lies and the killing still goes on to this day in Iraq.

Mr Corbyn and his supporters advocate a fairer society where workers have a more equal share in the wealth of the country and are adequately paid, not exploited, where the old, the sick and the vulnerable are properly cared for, where people and businesses pay taxes according to their means, where the capability of the NHS comes before the spending of billions of pounds on weapons of mass destruction, where children have equal opportunities in education, where there is decent and affordable houses including Council rented houses, where people on benefits are not demonised as parasites living the “highlife” at the taxpayers’ expense.

I am saddened and depressed when Labour MPs and Local Government Councillors believe such ideals render the Labour Party unelectable. What are they offering should they form the next government without Mr Corbyn and those who support him?

Mr Corbyn was re-elected with 61.8% of the votes cast a 2% increase to the 59+% he achieved in the 2015 leadership election, 313,209 votes were cast for Mr Corbyn and 193,229 for Mr Smith, surely that clearly indicates to those dissenting MPs and Councillors that they are out of touch with the majority of the Labour Party membership and, if they cannot accept that and support Mr Corbyn, then perhaps the time has come for them to seek a new home with a Party they appear to be more in tune with i.e. the Conservative Party.

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