Little dog rescued from Thames off Purfleet by lifeboat team

AN RNLI lifeboat was launched at 7pm on Friday (7th October) to reports of two people and a dog in the water near Harrisons wharf, Purfleet, Essex in Long Reach on the River Thames. Once the lifeboat was close to the reported area the crew started to search nearby jetties with their search light in case the two individuals and the dog had drifted in the outgoing tide.The lifeboat crew were alerted to the exact location by a member of the group using their flashlight on their mobile phone. Approaching with caution as it was shallow and rocky where a person was spotted with the dog on their lap underneath a disused jetty. It was confirmed by the group that this was the only person now in need of assistance as the other person had managed to get out of the water just before the lifeboat arrived.It transpired that the small dog had jumped in to the river from height after chasing a bird and two of group of three had attempted to rescue it before it was swept away by the tide.The casualty and dog were taken onto the lifeboat, with no injuries to the dog or people they were landed back ashore to the footpath above. They then made their way back home via the river path.The lifeboat was then released from service and returned to station.Although the outcome of this rescue was a positive one we always urge owners never to go in after their pets.Film: Credit: RNLI

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