Grays Teen Mom Megan set to be a MTV star

BECOMING a first-time mum is intimidating for any woman, let alone doing it before your 18th birthday.But that’s exactly the situation that Megan Ferrari found herself in at the age of just 17.Megan, from Grays, is set to become one of the stars of the new series of Teen Mom UK, airing later this year. The MTV show follows the lives of a group of girls who became pregnant during their teens, documenting their trials and tribulations as they attempt to deal with the challenges of motherhood.And it’s a challenge that Megan, now 18, says she took some time adjusting to.”My life before I got pregnant was just like any normal teenager’s,” she said, reflecting on her experience so far.”I didn’t really have a clue what I was putting myself in for. I cried a lot.”But with baby Mckenzie now approaching his first birthday, Megan is keen to shed the image some people have of teenage parents. Aside from being an aspiring chef and studying cookery at college, she’s also a qualified scuba instructor and trains with the army cadets.”They don’t actually know me or my story,” she said.The show, which airs on November 2 on MTV, follows Megan and four other teenagers as they attempt to cope with parenting for the first time.

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