Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Police step up patrols to prevent bike thefts at Grays and South Ockendon railway stations

BRITISH Transport Police (BTP) officers will be out and about in this week to deter cycle thieves and to reinforce safety messages about locking bikes securely.Many stations have designated areas where you can park your bicycle, however sadly due to being left for long periods of time and not being adequately secured, they can be vulnerable to theft. Officers will step up their patrols to deter bike thieves and advise passengers on how to securely lock their bikes at stations.Officers will be carrying out high visibility patrols at the following stations throughout the week:ChelmsfordBasildonSouth OckendonHarlow TownGraysBenfleetBritish Transport Police recently launched a new campaign in conjunction with Bike Register called Lock It Mark It. The campaign aims to educate passengers about the importance of securely locking bikes when they are left at stations. When cycles are adequately locked and security marked, they are much less desirable to thieves.Inspector Nia Mellor said: “Over the past few years we have seen a steady increase in passengers using cycles to travel to and from railway stations. Unfortunately this has also provided increased opportunities for thieves, due to cycles being relatively easy to steal and dispose of. Our message to cyclists is simple make you lock and mark your bike to reduce the chances of it being stolen. Keep your bike secure by following these tips : Get your bike security marked and register at BTP regularly hold free marking events at stations – follow us on Twitter @BTP for the latest events Record details of your bike, including the frame number and other distinguishing features and take a photo of it. This will be crucial in identifying and recovering your bike if it is stolen Always lock your bicycle whenever you leave it at a designated cycle rack area. Lock the frame and both wheels to a cycle stand Make the lock(s) and bike hard to move. Secure your bike as close to the stand as possible. Take parts that are easy to remove with you, such as saddles or wheels or use secure skewers Always lock your bike in a recognised secure cycle parking area that is well lit and covered by CCTV If your bike is stolen please contact BTP on 0800 405040. Having your Bike Register number, a photo and any other details to hand may help us with our investigation.


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