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Blog-post: How Thurrock Labour can be saved…

Blog-post: By Scott NelsonI READ, with interest, an editorial piece in Your Thurrock on 28 October about the decline of Thurrock Labour. I don’t think the party is dead, it just needs a stronger leadership – and a strategy.About a month ago I offered my support to Thurrock Labour but received a belligerent response from the party’s chairman, Colin Ricks. That same week, Constrituency Labour Party (CLP) groups across the country were campaigning against Theresa May’s grammar schools. In Essex, CLPs in Harlow, Basildon and Southend were campaigning while in Thurrock there was total silence.When Thurrock CLP fails to even campaign against grammar schools, it just proves how complacent and lazy it has become, and it also proves what it really thinks of Thurrock. Grammar schools will divide communities across the country and are certainly not wanted by many in Thurrock.Since I left the Labour Party almost a year ago, I have noticed a steady decline in Thurrock and I hold the CLP’s leadership solely responsible. Thurrock CLP’s membership has grown since Jeremy Corbyn became Labour leader last year, and from what I have read on social media there are a lot of enthusiastic and passionate activists at Thurrock CLP who are keen to campaign in Corbyn’s honour. So, the question is this: why has Labour gone into hiding in Thurrock? Is the party hibernating until the next set of local elections due in 2018?CLPs across the country are regularly campaigning, organising local events and engaging with communities, so why isn’t Labour doing the same in Thurrock? Even a Labour-led community clean up event or fundraising events for local causes would show Thurrock that the party is committed to the community and will make a difference, if elected.I still have some great friends at Thurrock Labour and they would love for me to rejoin the CLP. I would arrange campaigning sessions and local events and I would help put Labour back on the map in Thurrock.Thurrock Labour needs to help itself if it is serious about becoming a prominent force in Thurrock. I helped raise Labour’s profile in Thurrock when I campaigned for the party in 2014-15 and my offer still stands if they want my input. They only have to ask.People question why I am still loyal to Labour despite the party being disloyal to me last year. Labour runs through my veins and deep down I still care even though I have become an outspoken critic of Thurrock CLP. Most of my unspokenness is due to frustration, anger and disappointment at the CLP’s lack of action in Thurrock.The ball is in Thurrock Labour’s court, but it’s up to the CLP’s leadership how it serves the next move.


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