Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Fire Service issue warning after four serious crashes in 24 hours

ESSEX County Fire and Rescue Service are urging drivers to extra care on the roads after the Service attended four serious RTCs within four hours this morning (Monday 31 October).

ECFRS’s RTC Reduction Manager Andy Stroulger said:

“Now that the clocks have gone back, road users will be spending longer periods driving in darker conditions. Combined with the change to damper colder weather conditions, often involving fog, this makes this time of year one of the most challenging times to be on the road.

“Driving in these conditions can take some time to adjust to and it is important that motorists take some time to adapt to the changes and to take even more care.”

The fire service have issued the following road safety tips:

Visibility is key. Winter light can change rapidly – bright one minute and almost dark the next. Be ready for this and remember the sun being low in the sky can be dazzling. Keep all car windows and the windscreen clean at all times and ensure they are fully demisted before setting off.
Lights must be in good working order and kept clean. Put on your dipped headlights before dusk so that other road users can see you. When running on main beam, remember to switch to your dipped beam when you meet other vehicles to avoid dazzling them. Use fog lights in heavy fog, but remember to switch them off once the fog has cleared.
Look out for vulnerable road users such as motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians, who are harder to spot in these conditions
Slow down driving in dark, wet and foggy conditions is particularly hazardous. Reduce your speed and allow more time for your journey. Avoid tailgating and keep a safe distance behind vehicles in front
Road surfaces change in damp and wet conditions making manoeuvres such as braking and cornering treacherous. Ensure your speed matches the conditions.


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