Sunday, December 10, 2023

Blogspot: “I, Myles Cook…..My PIP assessment nightmare……”

Blogspot: Myles Cook and Personal Independence Payment: “My story is just one of thousands going on today in the UK”.

People with disabilities are subjected to levels of fear and anxiety that no one should have to deal with and people with mental health conditions are hit even harder because it is so much more difficult to prove something that can’t be seen.

This is my story. I am not an actor. I am not a skiver or a scrounger. I am a human being and I only want what I am entitled to…nothing more.

Please share this video or the playlist for the entire series of videos (…).

I have compiled all the information, advice and useful links from the original addendum and posted them here:…

You can find out more about my mental health condition and read my political/social commentaries or my creative output here:

(PLEASE NOTE: my blog does contain some use of bad language, some material that some may find offensive and some very detailed references to my mental ill-health and suicidal tendencies that may trigger a negative reaction in those prone to depression or other mental health conditions).


  1. You have one friend atleast maybe more. I Don’t know why Novice and all the other right wing clowns on yourthurrock have not posted support.

    You are unfit for work. more than me and I am blind, depressed and cannot read write or spell to easy.

    Don’t know about Dignitas coming to Thurrock. mind you they may have two customers.


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