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Abandoned or under siege: What on earth is going on in East Tilbury?

EARLIER this week, an East Tilbury resident spoke to YT. We were actually discussing health provision in the area but at the end of the conversation they asked “Are you aware of what has been going on in East Tilbury?”

They then said: “I have lived in East Tilbury for over thirty years and have never known a time when there is so much crime and disorder going on”

We have looked at the statistics on and there are 188 record incidents of anti-social behaviour in East Tilbury in 2016.
We stress that is recorded. How many incidents have actually occurred is a moot point. As we know, many people do not report as they have little confidence that the police will or can attend and will or can do anything about it.

We thought we would start from this point as it may help the residents of East Tilbury, who may feel, with the problems with children’s centres, medical centres, level crossings, that they are in a place between abandoned and under siege.

January: 15

1.Northumberland Road
2.Essex Gardens
3.Stenning Avenue
4.Thomas Bata Avenue
5.Alexandra Way
7.Gloucester Ave x 2
9.Colne x 3
12.Sports Ground
13.Bata Ave
14.Linford Road
15. Hill House Drive

February: 19

1. Biggin Lane
2. Gordon Close
3. Stenning Avenue
4. High Ash Close
5. Pinewood Close
6. Alexandra Avenue
7. Bata Avenue
8. Princess Avenue
9. Tweed
10. Colne
11. Strathmore
12. Northumberland Avenue x 5
17. Essex Gardens
18. Hampshire Gardens
19. Halt Drive

March: 12

1. Northumberland Road x 5
6. Colne x 2
8. Gloucester Road
9. Sports
10. Arun
11. Princess Margaret
12. Coalhouse Car Park

April: 32

1. Princess Margaret
2. Biggin Lane
3. Bata Avenue
4. Pinewood Close
5. Stenning Avenue x 2
7. Thomas Bata Avenue x 3
10.Gloucester Avenue
11.Princess Avenue x 9
20.Northumberland Avenue x 12
32.Essex Gardens

May: 19

1.Northumberland Avenue
2.Hill House Drive
3.Colne x 3
6.Bata Avenue
7.Sports Field x 3
10.Queen Mary Avenue x 3
13. Trent x 3
16: Arun
17. Tweed
18. Princess Avenue


1. Clyde x 2
3. Thomas Bata Avenue
4. Princess Ave x 3
7. Thomas Bata Avenue
8. Sports Rec
9. Northumberland Road
12.Hill House
13.Blue Anchor Lane
14.Park x 3

July: 14

1. Church Road
2. Essex Gardens x 4
6. Pinewood Close
7. Colne
8. Arun
9. Tweed
11.Princess Ave
12.Thomas Bata Ave
13.Coronation Avenue
14.King George V1

August: 7

1. Pinewood Close
2. Colne
3. Thomas Bata
4. Clyde
5. Bata Avenue
6. Princess Margaret Road
7. Hill House Drive

September: 16

1. Hill House Drive: x2
3. Park x 2
4. Blue House Lane
5. Muckingford Road
6. Linford Road
7. Essex Gardens x 4
13.Alexandra Avenue
14.King George Avenue
15.Princess Avenue

October: 18

1. Linford Road
2. Park
3. Pinewood Close x 3
6. Strathmore
7. King George Ave
8. Thomas Bata ave
9. Queen Elizabeth Ave
10 Bata Ave
11.Gloucester Ave x 2
13.Princess Ave
15.High Ash

November: 14

1.Essex Gardens
4.Alexandra Avenue
6.King George Avenue
7.Thomas Bata Avenue
8.Queen Mary Avenue
9.Gloucester Avenue
10.Bata Avenue x 2
12.Biggin Lane
13.Park x 2



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