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Thurrock Tories call for an “Oath to British Values” for Thurrock

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A MOTION is set to be discussed at Thurrock Council which could see an introduction in Thurrock to an “Oath to British Values”.

The proposal is being forwarded by Corringham and Fobbing councillor, cllr Aaron Watkins.

It states: “That Thurrock Council supports the government’s position on introducing an oath to British Values, and will look into the options for creating a local one for Thurrock”.

The motion follow on the heels of plans drawn up by Communities Secretary Sajid Javid to require public officials in the UK to swear to uphold “British values”.

Under the plans, elected officials, civil servants and council workers would be required to sign the oath.

He told The Sunday Times: “We can’t expect new arrivals to embrace British values if those of us who are already here don’t do so, and such an oath would go a long way towards making that happen. Studies show that public commitments can influence behaviour change and I believe an oath like this would make a real difference.”

Mr Javid added that the oath would include a “belief in equality” and “freedom from abuse”.

He continued: “When I talk about integrating into British life or embracing British values, I’m not demanding that everyone drinks tea, watches cricket and bobs up and down at the Last Night of the Proms.

“I’m talking about tolerating the views of others, even if you disagree with them.

His announcements comes on the back of the Casey Review, which looked at issues of social cohesion, particularly among the British Muslim community.

It also comes on the back of a recent attempt by UKIP to have large parts of Thurrock draped in Union Flags.


  1. “belief in equality” and “freedom from abuse”.

    After what the tories have put the disabled and poor through over the years the tories talking about equality and “freedom from abuse is a bloody insut to every poor and disabled person in Thurrock.

    equality – talking about this when they gave billions to rich bankers and austerity for the poor.
    equality under them is the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

    I will not be signing this and I wipe my arse with your oath,.

    The only reason the toreis are doing this is due to UKIP.

  2. I have no political bias but will they practice what they preach and do they know what British Values are?

    From experience the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, so if they are the values they talk about then god help us.

  3. I agree with big noise and Catching the Bus.

    The idea that there are any such things as “British values” is laughable when we live in a country that is not equal, fair or democratic given that the ruling administration (regardless of its colour of the political spectrum) is in power by a mere 24% of the popular vote. The UK has been split along every conceivable faultline and most of the damage has been done by this minority ‘government’ and its policies.

    When we have equality, fairness and true democracy in the UK then you can talk of “British values” until that moment, I suggest that the council and the ‘government’ shut their ignorant mouths on such a useless and irrelevant subject.


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