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Swimming: Gold Medals for Harrison, Nikita, Luke and the boys relay team

Swimming report

Essex Championships 2017

Block A

Gold Medals for Harrison, Nikita and Luke and boys relay team

Swimmers from Thurrock Swimming Club participated in this year’s Essex Championships. With 58 qualifiers, this is the most swimmers TSC have taken to Essex for many years. TSC are currently 6th out of 30 clubs and just behind 5th place.

There were many great swims over the weekend. Gold medallists were Nikita CHARYKIN, Luke Crofts and Harrison Jarvis. There were silver medals for Luke, Jasmine VERLANDER, Jenson HURRELL Ben MINISTER, Sophie DRAKE. Bronze medal winners were Azar AITMARRI, Luke, Martine TRAN, Elise DELAPPERALL, Nikita, Jenson.

Swimmers that achieved top 8 final positions were Luke, Harrison, Nikita, Elise, , Azar, Jasmine, Gracie Mae Martin, Jack CONROY, Rebecca WEST, Kieron HARRIS, Martine, Mide OLAJIDE, Elise Daniel AJETUMMOBI, Radost MILKOVA, Ben, Luke, Aidan WOOD, Jenson, Harrison, Alexa MILES-STEVENS, Ben, Colin MOGHINA, Martine, Jimmy TAYLOR
Other swimmers who competed and performed well were, Caitlin MURRAY, Tilly MAYES, , Rebecca HONEYWELL, Phoebe BRENNAN, , Lillian TAGG, Kiara MARAIS, Eleanor MARTIN, Eden PARKIN, Cate DIAZ ANAYA , Bethany BYRNE, Bryony EDGINGS, , Michaela TAIWO, Madalyne ALLKINS, Teni OGUNLESI, Aaron LAMBIE, Jack WILLIAMS, James EDGINGS, Albert TAYLOR, Luke CROFTS, Matteo CASTELLO, Robert BUCKLEY, Samuel BARELLA, , Ethan PARAIWA, Ryan WEST, Oliver SCHNEIDER, Daniel THOMPSON.

The relay teams performed well. The boys 11/12 free team of Jenson, Daniel, Nikita, Colin finished 1st. Ethan, Albert, Ben, Aiden also competed in this event. Female youth team Abigayle Still, Martine, Sophie and Rebecca West placed 7th in the Free relay, Jack, Harrison, Mide and James placed 5thin the BAGCAT IM relay, the girls BAGCAT Free team Phoebe, Kiara, Tilly, Gracie finished 5th. Ellie, Radost, Lillian and Cate also competed in the Bagcat FC relay. In the girls 11/12 IM event Jasmine, Alexa, Michaela, Teni placed 5th and Elise, Madalyne, Bryony, Caitlin also competed. Male youth IM team Kieron, Luke, Samuel, Azar just missed out of the top 8
Jimmy, Robert, Aaron and Matteo competed in the BAGCAT IM relay


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