Friday, July 19, 2024

Blogpost: Brexit: The fight has only just begun…..

Blogpost: BY Luke Spillman

WEDNESDAY night’s vote in Parliament was a truly historic event. It is the result of a hard fought victory against a system which undermined liberty, democracy and progress in order to prop up a crony capitalist cartel. A system where the central role of government became managing the population in the interests of big business rather than in the interests of citizens.

The vast majority of people who voted remain have taken the result with great dignity. They respect the integrity of our democratic system. However there are some, with perfectly just motives for voting remain, who have descended into a fairly distasteful and hateful hysteria. Do not take moral lectures from such sanctimonious and intolerant advocates of remain. Their path only leads to the a defence of the current unacceptable status quo.

I am strongly of the opinion that those who voted leave were the true advocates of liberty. We fought for freedom of speech. We fought for tolerance of political values and religious belief. We fought against minimum wage and zero hour slavery. We fought against welfare dependency. We fought for the right to work. We fought for the right to access to housing and health care.

Those who voted leave are true democrats. We fought for the restoration of parliamentary sovereignty. We fought to take back power from the unelected and put it into hands of the people. We fought to rip back control of our neighbourhoods from supra-national bureaucracy and put it back in the hands of local communities.

Those who voted leave are also the true progressives. We fought for better wages and working conditions. We fought for an improving, not constantly declining, quality of life. We fought for a better future for our children not a life worse than their grandparents.

However we must be vigilant. Our efforts secured victory in a great battle.. The fight for an independent, free, democratic and prosperous Great Britain has only just begun.


  1. I presume the author had his tongue firmly in his cheek when he wrote this article which is full of wildly exaggerated claims. UK fighting for tolerance of religious beliefs? Seriously?


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