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South Essex College art students add their flair to top hotel chain

South Novotel

ART and Design students at South Essex College have created bespoke items to be used by an up-market hotel chain.

The Foundation Diploma Art and Design group studying at the College’s Southend Campus have been working with managers at Novotel’s Tower Bridge chain to produce artwork and design new branded gifts.

The students focussed on different briefs and have created menu boards, coasters, embroidery gifts, bespoke bags and interior design ideas.

The group visited the chain this week to showcase their ideas and hand over their final designs to hotel bosses, who originally approached the group after being amazed by their end of year exhibition in the summer.

Student Jake Pascoe from Great Wakering created new menu boards which are now being used in the restaurant while Sophie-Anne Yasruddin from Chelmsford designed and made coasters.

Chloe Quiben from Canvey Island created beautiful embroidery pieces designed to be given as gifts to guests and Tabitha Baker from Shoeburyness has designed a set of branded bags showcasing the icons of London.

As well as creating items to be used within the hotel, one student, Alice Gough from Benfleet, has put her interior design skills to the test and created a new look for the hotel chain’s suites.

Jake said the project has been a great boost to his learning.

He said: “To have a real life design brief to work with has been a big eye opener. To know that my designs are now being used is amazing. It has really given us a great insight into what it will be like to work in the industry and work with clients.”

Programme Leader Jennifer Hale said she was extremely proud of the students’ work.

She said: “This has been an invaluable project for the students to get involved with to showcase their talents. I am so proud of their professional approach and the quality of their ideas and creations. To have such an infamous brand as Novotel approach the College and work with the students is fantastic.”

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Jake Pascoe, 18, from Great Wakering, created menu boards to be used in the hotel’s restaurant.
“It’s been a great experience to work to a real life brief. To think that something I have designed and created is being used in a high end hotel chain is amazing. The whole process has really boosted my personal development as well as understanding of the industry.”

Sophie-Anne Yasruddin, 18, from Chelmsford, created coasters to be used in the hotel’s restaurant.
“This project has been a really good eye opener because you have to really work with the client to meet their needs. My idea was initially for tiles to be used in the lift lobby, but after meeting with the managers, it was suggested my design would work better as coasters. It’s quite a change from wall tiles, but it was a great way to experience how things can be developed into other ideas. It’s been a great project to be involved with.”

Chloe Quiben, 19, from Canvey Island created embroidery pieces to be given as gifts to guests.
“I wanted to create something different and really test my skills so I decided on embroidery. Some of the pieces were really tricky and intricate but I’m really pleased with the end product. It’s been great to have the opportunity to add my flair to something that could be enjoyed by people from all over the world.”

Tabitha Baker, 18, from Shoeburyness designed a set of branded bags.
“I’ve really enjoyed this project and am pleased with my designs. I wanted to create something simple but effective. Visitors to the hotel come from all over the world and London is a very iconic city so I wanted to find a way of using this to create a sense of identity for the chain. It’s been a great project to work with and learn from.”

Alice Gough, 19, from Benfleet created a new look for the hotel chain’s suites.
“I loved the idea of interior design so decided to create a new look for the hotel’s suites. It was an interesting task because I had to bear in mind the hotel’s current branding when deciding on colour and style. I had to adapt some of my ideas to fulfil the client’s needs so it was a great way to experience what it will be like to work in the industry.”



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