Monday, May 20, 2024

Thurrock Council Housing Committee Chair slams Tory sheltered housing tax “consultation”

SENIOR Labour figures have today reacted with anger at news that the Tory Administration is to push on with its plans to charge tenants in sheltered housing up to £780 per year. Tories have vowed to go ahead with the “consultation” despite their Housing plans being thrown out at the February council budget-setting meeting.

Councillor Gerard Rice, chair of the Housing Overview & Scrutiny Committee said “I’m disgusted that the Tories are pushing ahead with plans for this damaging tax. Last week, council showed exactly what it thought of their scheme to hit vulnerable Thurrock pensioners with this massive tax.

“The Tories are making a dangerous habit of not listening. They ignored my cross-party Housing committee when we voted 5-1 against applying these proposals to existing tenants. They ignored the sheltered housing tenants who showed up to ask questions at the council meeting. Now they have ignored a vote against their housing budget at council. They seem completely set on hitting our older people with this unaffordable Tory tax.”

He concluded “Only Labour are united in fighting these proposals. The plans are a disgraceful and shameless attack on older people in Thurrock. These are people that have worked their whole lives and contributed to the community. Why are they being singled out for attack by Thurrock Tories?”


  1. Well, I hope Cllr G Rice remembers that there are hundreds of sick and disabled people who are also being singled out for attack by the Tories at the national level and I hope that he is as ferocious in his attack when their plight is being discussed.

  2. Tory scum.
    they gave billions to there banker friends with no sanctions attached and its the vulnerable who paid for it.

    The tories are the oppodite of Robin Hood. they take from the poor to give to the rich.

  3. Catching The Bus – well the Tories are bribing the voters of Grays with £40m to tart up Grays Town Centre, money that seems to have appeared from nowhere. It could go to helping out the stretched social care service but it won’t because they think that if they roll the turd that is Grays Town Centre in glitter it will distract people’s attention from the deplorable state of the rest of society. Pity is, it’ll probably work.


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