Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Thurrock Council agree on 20% affordable housing for Tilbury’s Gloriana project

Gloriana Homes in Tilbury

MEMBERS of Thurrock Council Planning Committee have secured affordable housing for residents at the St Chads, Tilbury development.

Unforeseen costs to the developer of £3.35million for the clearance of asbestos on the site threatened the project’s viability and the committee deferred a previous application to remove all affordable housing. The new application brought to recent meeting (23 February) included a high proportion of affordable housing and infrastructure improvements in the local area.

Chair of the Planning Committee, Cllr Tom Kelly, said after the meeting: “This is a great result for residents thanks to the strong stance the Planning Committee took.

“The committee refused to accept the proposal in December for no affordable housing and after sending them away to think again, the developer came back to the committee with 20 per cent affordable housing and the full original financial contribution.

“The design award-winning St Chads development is a win all round – an uneconomic, contaminated council site brought back into use; new high quality and award winning homes in Tilbury; a significant proportion of affordable homes secured; and a financial gain to the community.”


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