Friday, June 14, 2024

UKIP councillor for Tilbury slams Highways England over filthy lay-bys

Highways Lay By

THE lay-bys on the A1089 Dock Approach Road, which were closed last year, are still covered in litter and Highways England have failed to clean them properly.

UKIP’s Tilbury St.Chads Councillor, John Allen said: “I raised this issue with Thurrock Council and Highways England several times and still there is a lack of action.

“Highways England is claiming that they cleaned the lay-bys when they were closed but for anyone that drives past regularly they will know that this is not the case.

“I call on Highways England to get on with the job that they are paid to do and clean our roads.”


  1. Over Four 4 Weekends Two of us in just over 2 Hours on Saturdays and Sundays have cleared over 40 Bags of Rubbish in the Little Thurrock Area of the A1089, Surely the Essex Highways Dept Gangs could clear all the A1O89 in a couple of Evenings, with the Cruise Season starting now at the Tilbury/London Cruise Centre, what those Cruise Passengers must think of their first views of the Essex Countryside when they are taken via coach to London and Kent on Day Trips and see the state of the A1089 right up to the A13 and discover plastic bags grow on Essex Trees and Bushes, Plus its about time Thurrock Council, Anglian Water got together with the farmer along the Marshfoot and got that massive pile of rubbish cleared as it is now starting to block one of the main waterways across the Tilbury Marshes, next heavy storm and Tilbury will be flooded.


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