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Schools report: Gable Hall attend Women of the World Festival in London

Gable Hall students attend Women of the World Festival at Southbank Centre and report for Your Thurrock

Reporter: Karenza Wenn

Year 12: Gable Hall School

CELEBRATING International Women’s Day with a trip to the Women of The World festival was an insightful and inspiring experience. We took part in two workshops: Life in 3D and Fat Girls Don’t Dance. Life in 3D focused on how to get ahead in the workplace and how to “brand yourself”. They gave us vital skills such as how we should conduct ourselves on social media and how to motivate ourselves to get ahead in the workplace as well as how we want to represent ourselves in day to day life. When I asked one of the instructors why they felt feminism was necessary in a modern western world they stated that

“International Women’s Day helps young girls recognise their qualities in a society that is not necessarily equal, especially when it comes to gender.” The second workshop was led by Maria Ferguson and was an interactive discussion regarding the expectations and stereotypes of women in modern society. She also showed an exert from her show. Both workshops empowered me and encouraged me as a woman to stay strong and determined. There was also constant encouragement to reject labels and not lose sight of who we are despite a society that is putting us down constantly; to combat stereotypes and derogative statements, not allow myself to be spoken down to by anyone. The day also sparked an interesting conversation with a friend about the reputation of modern day feminism and the dangers of the rise of the lad culture on young males’ perspectives on women and the role they play in their lives as well as the lack of education on social issues such as feminism in our local area.

The Woman of The World festival was a positive and encouraging experience for young girls, and I would definitely like to return next year to see more of what the festival has to offer.



Gable Hall School students attended the Women of the World Festival as part of their Royal Opera House Thurrock Trailblazer programme. Royal Opera House Thurrock Trailblazer is an innovative programme that boost creative learning in schools and accelerate pupils’ development. To find out more about Royal Opera House Thurrock Trailblazer, please go to


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