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Thurrock Council reveal results of residents survey

Thurrock Survey

THURROCK Council has released the results of a residents survey.

The Conservative-run administration has said on several occasions that “sunlight is the best disinfectant”

And so true to their word they surveyed over a thousand residents in order to ask them how they are doing.

The results clearly show (based on questions asked) that “the issues of most importance are potholes, waste and recycling.

The most common neighbourhood issue is “rubbish or litter lying around”.

The survey primarily focused on services and did not canvass on issues such as social care.

A few of the key findings:

60% of residents satisfied with local area.
61% agree that their local area is a place where people from different backgrounds get on well together.

61% dissatisfied with upkeep of roads.

45% satisfied with street cleaning.
46% satisfied with parks, playgrounds and open spaces.

58% think Thurrock Council keep them well informed.
45% think Thurrock Council give good value for money
33% speak positively about Thurrock Council.

13% think there has been an improvement over the last twelve months.

Satisfied with local area

Stanford-le-Hope: 89%
Orsett: 88%

Grays Riverside: 49%
Tilbury St Chads: 47%

Community Cohesion

Highest in:

Orsett: 90%

Grays Riverside: 58%
Little Thurrock Blackshots: 46%

The item was discussed by the Conservative run cabinet at Thurrock Council.


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