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Thurrock Council respond to UKIP claims they are “offering to send homeless to Durham”

THURROCK Council has responded to claims by UKIP that they are offering to rehouse homeless families as far away as Durham.

Two weeks ago, cllr Luke Spillman expressed his concerns in the news item can see below.

Thurrock Council has now issued a statement.

A spokesperson said: “Thurrock Council will always endeavour to house Thurrock people in Thurrock. When there are extreme and extenuating circumstances, this is occasionally not always possible. The council makes every effort to house those who become homeless – in cases where a person has made themselves intentionally homeless, there are limited options.

“It is Thurrock Council’s policy not to comment on any individual circumstance which could identify an individual or family regardless of any reporting inaccuracies”.


A LEADING UKIP councillor has claimed that homeless Thurrock families are being offered to be rehoused over 250 miles away.

Cllr Luke Spillman is a housing specialist and has told YT that a concerned resident revealed to him that an option made to them by Children’s Social Services at Thurrock Council was to move to Durham in the North East of England.

UKIP Thurrock Housing Spokesman, Cllr Luke Spillman said: “They appear to be doing this as they are unable to secure privately rented properties in Thurrock due to lack of availability and high rents. I have spoken many times about the social cleansing occurring because of the chronic housing crisis in Thurrock. If the council can’t secure housing in the private market, what hope do Thurrock residents on low and middle incomes have?

“We have seen years of negligence from both Conservative and Labour governments refusing to act to build homes. We face a chronic housing crisis and yet this Conservative government have thus far failed to act. It’s simply not good enough. UKIP have proposed a radical house building policy as part of our manifesto and call on the government to act.

“UKIP Thurrock demands that the Council immediately end its unacceptable policy of forcing some of our most vulnerable residents hundreds of miles outside of the borough. We also demand that the Conservative’s make public their plans for house building in Thurrock. The Tories honeymoon period is over it’s now time for them to deliver the homes Thurrock residents so badly need.”


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