Friday, March 1, 2024

Labour veteran says: “We have to start building council houses now”

A VETERAN Labour councillor has made a passionate plea for more council housing in the borough.

Chadwell councillor, Gerard Rice is also chair of the Housing Committee at Thurrock Council and after a recent meeting reflected on the needs of the borough.

Cllr Rice said: “I would urge the government to start building now. In 1979, we had 60,000 residents and 25,000 council houses.

“Now we have just 10,000 houses but a population of 170,000.

“Rents for young people are sky high with couples paying over a £1,000 a month in Tilbury for a two bedroom place.

“It is time to start building to provide a future of our young people.”


  1. Yes new council house must be built but don’t give them to new people moving into the area, there are already many families who need to be moved into suitable accommodation first. When they have been sorted move people into their old houses.

  2. its all pie in the sky talk,where would that sort of money come from to build and maintain tens of thousands of council houses,its unrealistic to expect to be handed a three bed council house for next to nothing.


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