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Monsters on the loose at intu Lakeside

intu Lakeside shopping centre is currently on the look out after a new and unusual species of wildlife has been spotted emerging from the centre’s Alexandra Lake. It is yet to be determined where this new species has come from or how long the creatures have been here, however it is believed that the animals, currently being described as a type of ‘lake monster’, have been living in a cave underneath the centre’s Central Atrium.

The cave was discovered in the early hours of Saturday 1 April by a member of intu Lakeside’s cleaning team. In addition to the gaping hole in the centre’s floor, destruction has also been found throughout intu Lakeside in the form of bite marks, scratches and holes in the walls where the lake monsters have made their escape into the outside world.

The cave has been cornered off for shoppers’ safety whilst the intu Lakeside team in conjunction with experts from Colchester Zoo work hard to track down the missing monsters and repair the damage caused. The search has now become critical and the shopping centre is reaching out to local residents in the hope that they can help to track down the creatures and restore normality within the centre. As a reward, intu Lakeside is offering a £20 intu Gift Card to anybody who can help track down the monsters.

Marc Myers, intu Lakeside’s General Manager, commented: “Whilst the discovery of a new species is exciting for animal enthusiasts, our first and foremost priority is the safety of intu Lakeside’s staff and shoppers. Therefore, we are working as fast as we can to track down these lake monsters as quickly as possible and appreciate any support that our shoppers can offer to help.”

Monster 1

Monster 2

Andy Moore, Learning Manager at Colchester Zoo, says: “We are extremely excited to hear the news of this potential new species so close to Colchester Zoo and hope we can help to find out more about their habitat, diet and how they have adapted to their surroundings!”.


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