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Chafford Hundred resident angry at “drug state” of Rainbow Road Park



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A CHAFFORD Hundred resident has slammed the state of a local park after discovering it was awash with evidence of drug use.

Gary Chappell took his son to the Rainbow Road park on Friday afternoon and was horrified by what he saw.

Mr Chappell said: “At first I thought it was paper scattered everywhere. When I realised it was hippy crack canisters I felt sick.

“It was vile, disgusting and plain rancid to see my son playing in a kids park littered with drugs. What next? Used needles lying next to a swing?

The park was opened in 2011 after a long campaign by the Chafford Hundred Community Forum. Over £60,000 was ploughed instead in play equipment and a number of other features.

Mr Chappell added: “I want to know what the council are doing about cleaning this disgraceful mess and I want to know what the police are doing about this horrendous misuse of a children’s park.

“I assume the increase in council tax will pay for it.

A Thurrock Council spokesperson said: “Thurrock Council is committed to ensuring it’s parks and open spaces are clean and tidy. With additional resources promised to the clean it, cut it, fill it, programme we’re pleased to have started parks review which will identify further works and equipment needed for improvement.

This playground was visited on Thursday 30 March by our environment team as part of our pledge to visit every park every twenty days. The photo which has been submitted shows the acts of inconsiderate users who believe it is acceptable to drop litter.

The council will continue to take a robust approach toward people who treat our borough like a bin and issue fines where appropriate.

To report a park, or open space which needs urgent attention, please visit:


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