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Blogspot: Jag’s Inspiration Zone: How to overcome your challenges

Jag’s Blog: The Inspiration Zone.

How to overcome your challenges.

THE challenging knocks of life are going to hit you hard, they always do, sometimes when least expected. These challenges cannot be avoided, such is life and until these knocks are dealt with, you can not grow or move on to live a happy and fulfilling life. When you encounter any challenging situation you will have a choice and that will be to either crumble and fall, admit defeat and say to yourself, ‘enough is enough, I quit!’ Or, you will have a second choice and that is be brave, stand tall and face your challenges. How you decide to deal with these challenges will determine your character and destiny in life. It’s not what happens to you that matters, it’s how you re-act to it, reaction is the key to success.

Using positive ‘Self-affirmations’ such as ‘I can do this’, ‘I will succeed no matter what’ and ‘I refuse to give up’, will miraculously change your physiology and mind set, your brain will go into ‘auto-pilot’ and start seeking solutions on how to deal with any challenging situation that may arise. Try it and see. Keep repeating these and many other words of encouragement in your head such as, ‘I will find a way or a make a way!’ or ‘This too shall pass!’ This is the attitude that will get your through, and with practise, over time you will become unstoppable. Never admit defeat, keep your head up and despite what challenging situation you encounter be strong, take action and keep hold of that ‘Winning attitude.’ Refuse to let go off your dreams, refuse to live a mediocre life, refuse to let any challenge that comes your way hold you back or more importantly, never hold yourself back.

You have been put on this earth for a reason, and that reason is not to waste this journey, it is to become the best, be the best and live the best. You are worth it and I believe you can make it happen, but you, yes you have to make it happen, no one is going to make it happen for you. Your hopes and desires are there for a reason, and that is to remind you that you are capable of reaching that goal and make it to the winning line. Never stop, just keep moving forward and approach each and every challenge that comes your way with positive expectancy.

‘Who am I to tell you how to deal with your challenges?’ I hear you say. Well, since a young age I have faced many challenges, such as bullying, racism, poverty, debt and many, many more. If I had not dealt with and overcome these challenges my life would have been a total different ‘ball game’ today. At a very young age I began to read motivational books and watched seminars on ‘how to build confidence and self-esteem’. Now with these blogs I would like to share my findings with you in order to assist and support you in finding your happiness and success.

Since then not only have I built my very own confidence levels but I have also assisted many other people with the knowledge I have gained and provided support in such areas as ‘Strengthening Relationships’ ‘Building Confidence’ ‘Sales and Marketing’ and many more. I have spent many amazing hours divulging into the great motivational books, videos and seminars that are also available for you to read and watch all thanks to the internet. This has been my passion for almost 35 years and continues to be so. And now as a Life Coach I would like to share my knowledge with you through these blogs, videos, life-coaching sessions and my Gateway 97.8 radio show ‘The Inspiration Zone.’

Constant improvement has played an essential part in my life and will continue to do so. The same applies to you, if you are truly serious about gaining success and happiness, you must keep learning, moving forward and no matter what challenge comes your way, look it in the eyes and say, ‘Bring it on!’ This attitude will always get you through the tough times.

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Keep yourself Motivated and Inspired, until the next time…


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