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Tilbury man jailed for 18 months in prison for stabbing man at Grays railway station

Grays Ash

A TILBURY man has been sentenced to 18 months in prison for assault after attacking a stranger at Grays railway station in Essex.

Ashtdon Brooke, aged 28, of Leicester Road, Tilbury, pleaded guilty at Basildon Crown Court to one count of possession of a knife blade / sharp pointed article in a public place and one count of GBH wounding without intent.

On Saturday 4 February at around 10.15pm, Brooke started shouting at a man on the station platform. When the man, a 41-year-old, walked towards Brooke to find out what he was shouting about, Brooke tried to hit him and they fell onto a bench fighting.

During the scuffle, Brooke slashed the victim with a Stanley knife before leaving the scene.

The victim sustained a deep cut to his nose which required stitches.

Later that night, an Essex Police officer was called to a house where Brooke was banging on the front door. The officer had been at the Grays station incident so was aware of the description of the suspect.

When officers arrived at the property they found Brooke drunk and sitting on a child’s trampoline. He told officers he wanted his family member to wash some items and police discovered these items were the Stanley knife, a black beanie hat and coat.

Brooke was arrested and charged the next day. He was sentenced at Basildon Crown Court on 22 March, to 18 months’ imprisonment for possession of a knife and six months’ imprisonment for GBH, to be served concurrently. He was also ordered to pay £140 victim surcharge.

Investigating officer, Det Con Tim Keep, said: “The victim was minding his own business at the station when he was subjected to an unprovoked attack by Brooke. Brooke was carrying a Stanley knife which he used to slash the victim across the nose. I am pleased that he has been sentenced to a year and a half in prison for this vicious attack on an innocent member of the public.”


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