Friday, March 1, 2024

Thurrock MP Jackie Doyle-Price slams Thurrock Council over new Thames Crossing decision

THURROCK MP, Jackie Doyle-Price has slammed Thurrock Council for their stance against a new Thames Crossing.

In what was billed as her only interview on the matter by BBC Essex, Ms Doyle-Price stressed that she was partly disappointed with the decision.

Ms Doyle-Price said: “I wanted it to be the option that was furthest east (Option C 4), which was furthest away from where people lived.

“But we need this crossing. People in the east may not want the crossing but my residents in the west, to a man, wanted this.”

But Ms Doyle-Price then went on the offensive with Thurrock Council and criticised their policy of not wanting any crossing any all. She felt they had buried their heads in the sand.

Every councillor including eighteen fellow Conservatives voted against any new crossing.

When asked what should happen now, Ms Doyle-Price told the BBC “We need to broker a good deal. That deals with noise, that helps the Port of Tilbury, that gets a east slip road away from Lakeside and deals with air quality.”


  1. Same old story with Jackie Doyle Price. It is always somebody else’s fault. Of course this has now reached a new level of embarrassment as she attacks her own party councillors. Now doubt she will brand herself for the election as an ‘outspoken champion’ or some other rubbish. What Thurrock Council tried to do was to speak up for local residents, and to make the valid case that we need a solution which actually solves the problems we face. Neither of the options on the table do this. Thurrock Council, and the residents group did Jackie Doyle Price’s job for her. She then made every effort to undermine local residents at every stage.

  2. The lovely JD-P doesn’t care about the people who will be affected by the new crossing because they are probably more in Stephen Metcalfe’s part of the borough and therefore not her problem. She also doesn’t care because that would require some independent thought on her part and that’s something she doesn’t exhibit. JD-P is, as I have been saying for years, a Tory drone who thinks what her party tells her to think, does what her party tells her to do and believes what her party tells her to believe. She only listens to people who agree with whatever her party says is the right things to believe in and ignores and/or abuses those who disagree with her party’s line. She’s a disgrace to the exalted position she holds.


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