Wednesday, March 22, 2023

UKIP’s Tim Aker calls for Jackie Doyle-Price to resign over “Stop the Crossing” election boast

Cllr Tim Aker MEP has called for Jackie Doyle-Price to resign as Thurrock’s MP and call a by-election. During the 2015 General Election Jackie Doyle-Price told residents in her advertising that she had stopped the new Thames Crossing.

Jackie Doyle-Price beat Tim Aker by 974 votes.

Cllr Tim Aker MEP added: “Jackie Doyle-Price MP was elected to Parliament in 2015 after telling residents that she had stopped the new Crossing. Today’s announcement shows this was not the case.

“It is only right that she does the honourable thing and hands in her resignation. People rightly get angry when politicians say one thing and do another after they are elected.

“Doyle-Price recently told residents to ‘get real’ and accept that a new Thames Crossing is happening. She is completely at odds with Thurrock residents. Her resignation would allow this community to continue united against a new Thames Crossing.”



  1. Mr Aker will have to wait an eternity for JD-P to resign. She does what her party says and they won’t want to risk losing Thurrock to any other party so they’ll never accept her resigning. Of course, JD-P’s hypocrisy knows no limits as she refuses to even acknowledge any opponent’s views because they conflict with what her party masters want. JD-P isn’t Thurrock’s representative in Westminster, she’s the Tory’s representative in Thurrock.

  2. Let’s not forget that another variant of the same leaflet ‘Jackie fighting for a better Aveley/Tilbury’ said (I’ve got it in front of me) ‘No to Green Belt Building. No to a new crossing’. A multi lane motorway across the fields of Orsett Heath, Chadwell St Mary, West Tilbury, Orsett and Bulphan clearly equals building in the green belt. Since securing re-election in a marginal seat, Jackie now supports a new crossing in Thurrock, through Route 4. She has reneged on her election promises. Thurrock has had no voice in Parliament because Jackie Doyle Price is not interested in protecting the green belt, or about pollution levels in one of the three most high polluting areas outside of London. If she has no intention of standing up for local residents, please step aside so someone else can.


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