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Full STEAM ahead with science at Gateway Academy

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STUDENTS at the Gateway Academy recently put their Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths (STEAM) knowledge to the test by completing STEAM projects as part of their Deep Learning Day (DLD).

Thanks to a kick-start grant, provided by The British Science Association, organisers were able to book a number of high profile performers for the day.
Science Dome visited the school and allowed students to enter their portable planetarium in order to learn about the solar system. Both students and staff were wowed by the visual effects and experience of the dome.

Medical Mavericks provided two jaw-dropping shows to the students, allowing them to see inside of the presenter’s eye and lungs. Many of the students are now considering careers in medical sciences as a result of the show.

Other students also took part in bespoke medical and sports science workshops as part of the day. They had the opportunity to see inside their muscles, take part in a keyhole surgery simulation and perform an ultrasound on their bones to assess how many more centimetres they would grow.

The Science faculty of the school also provided an in-house science show full of flames and bubbles. Students were amazed at some of the experiments that they took part in. A parent of one of the students commented, “My son has never been so enthusiastic about a day at school, thank you to all staff involved.”

Staff also supported over 100 students competing in National competitions on the day. Students of the Gateway Academy have been entered for: The Faraday Challenge Engineering Project, The Shell Big Ideas Project, the British Science Week Art competition and the British Science Week ‘Technicians make it happen competition’. The school have already had feedback from the Faraday Challenge to say that one team have made it through to the National finals in London this July!

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STEAM co-ordinator, Miss Roisin Boyle, said, “The STEAM DLD this year was another great success and I would like to thank staff and students for making the day so rewarding and inspirational for all.”


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