Gateway Academy students visit Westminster Abbey


STUDENTS in Year 9 & 10 from the Gateway Academy were recently treated to a day out in London, visiting Westminster Abbey, known as the ‘parish church of the world’. The trip was part of their Religious Studies GCSE course to help develop their knowledge of the Christian religion.

The students learned many facts during their trip, as the Abbey is steeped in more than a thousand years of history. Benedictine monks first came to the site in the middle of the tenth century, establishing a tradition of daily worship, which continues to this day.

The students enjoyed a guided tour, entitled ‘Journey of Life’, whereby they developed their understanding including Christian sacraments of baptism, marriage and death. In addition, they saw the Coronation chair and gained further knowledge on the history of the Abbey and discovered some of the names of the 3,300 people buried or commemorated there, many of them amongst the most significant in the nation’s history.

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