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Blogspot: Jag suggests you Become a Legend

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Become a Legend!

The Inspiration Zone | Jag Singh

WE all have enough evidence to state that the universe is vast, eternal and never ending. Within this universe, there is only one you, nowhere else is there another individual like you. Just here, right now, you exist and there will never ever be another you. Ever! This makes you a legend, a legend that can make a difference, do something with your life, and leave a track of success for everyone to remember your name forever. Or, you can just merely let the winds of life throw you from side to side, exist and ride the train of life to its final destination.

Many legends have walked the Earth and their success stories are a true example of what humans are capable of achieving if we truly want to. The stories of these amazing individuals such as Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, Steve Jobs and many more are easily accessible on the internet for instant motivation. Find them, read them and experience their hardship and determination through their words. What we have learnt from these legends is that with true conviction, belief and action you can make a difference, you can impact another individual’s life and become a legend. Do it for your family, do it for the people and more importantly do it for yourself.

If anyone around you is constantly giving you negative vibes, stopping you from achieving your dreams, distant yourself from them. Because, if you are going to achieve your best in this life you cannot afford to let these individuals influence you in any way or form. The opposite applies to those individuals around you who encourage you to be your best and nudge you to achieve your full potential. Stay as close as you can to these individuals and constantly thank them for there support.

This life you have been given is a gift, if you get up, take action, and reach out you too can become a legend and live an amazing and exhilarating life. First you will need to find a cause; a reason for why you are here on this planet, what is your purpose and aim? You can be anything you want to be, an inventor, be the best at your talent and skill, contribute your life to assist and support the charities, or be an amazing father, mother, sister, brother, family member and support your nearest and dearest by being there at their time of need. I believe that you can all become legends, and once you come to term with that fact a miracle takes place and you begin to realise it is your birth right to be the best, live this life, and one day be remembered as a Legend who walked the Earth.

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  1. “You can be anything you want to be” is so true and yet people often restrict themselves by actually thinking “I can’t do that”. Motivate yourself by focusing on what you can do and see where life takes you. As Jag says there are plenty of volunteering activities out there doing a range of things based on your skills and experience. And often out of that comes opportunities and other life experiences! In the words of Nike – “Just do it” or as Tesco say “Every little helps”. Life is not a rehearsal!!


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