Danielle Jones: Statement from Police and Crome Commissioner

THE Police and Crime Commissioner, Roger Hirst, has made the following statement in relations to current Essex Police activity in the Danielle Jones case:

“The murder of Danielle Jones in 2001 was a shocking and high profile case that attracted significant publicity. At the time the investigation was one of the largest that Essex Police had ever undertaken and resulted in the successful conviction of Stuart Campbell, however, the case remained open as Danielle’s body was never found. Today’s operation follows new credible information being obtained by Essex Police. We are all hopeful that this line of enquiry will be successful and help to provide some closure for Danielle’s family.

“Whatever the outcome from this current enquiry it is important to recognise that Essex Police will continue to follow all credible lines of enquiry and do whatever they can to support the family and resolve this case.”

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