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Danielle Jones search: Search of garage has “found nothing”

EXCAVATION work at a garage area in Stifford Clays in connection with the murder of Danielle Jones has entered its second day.

Digging started on Tuesday morning, May 16, led by a forensic archaeologist. One of the 20 plots within the police cordon formed the focus of the more detailed searching on day two.

The excavation of the base of that formed the focus of the information received by Essex Police in February this year has found nothing.

Work will continue on the site to establish whether any further excavation is required at any of the other plots in line with the information received in February within the police cordon.

Assistant Chief Constable Steve Worron, head of the SCD, said: “A thorough search was conducted on the base which formed the focus of our work yesterday and I am confident that Danielle’s body is not there.

“I am however committed to ensuring that we satisfy ourselves before leaving the area that there is nothing concealed under any of the bases indicated within the information received in February.

“Danielle’s family have been updated on this development and we continue to work with them.

“This case is not closed. It will remain open until Danielle’s body is found and she is returned to her family.

“The one person who knows where her body is still refuses to tell police or her family. Stuart Campbell could end the last 16 years of pain for Linda and Tony and tell them where their daughter is.

“If anyone has any information, however small or insignificant you feel this may be, please contact my detectives at the Stanway Major Incident Room on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.”


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