Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Those magnificent Gateway academy students in their flying machines!

Gateway Duxford

STUDENTS in Curriculum Plus 9 & 10 at Gateway Academy recently visited the Imperial War Museum at Duxford. The students visited the museum as part of our CoPE qualification, an ASDAN award.

They listened avidly to their tour guide, who answered their questions, making the experience more meaningful. They walked through a Concorde prototype and were told about daily life during the second world war, saw an ambulance that was used in the Bata shoe factory and even tried on an armoured vest!

The students were also very impressed with the Blackbird, a military jet fighter plane invisible to most radar systems and witnessed many planes taking off during the day, including a Spitfire.

Trip organiser, Mrs Trudy Cosans, said “The students were very well behaved, polite and respectful to the staff and other visitors. We all had a great day!”


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