Saturday, June 22, 2024

GE17: Labour candidate slams Tory manifesto

John Kent May

THE Thurrock Labour candidate for the General Election has slammed the Conservative Part manifesto.

John Kent said: “This Conservative manifesto threatens working people and pensioners with insecurity. It places a huge question mark over their living standards and the future of the public services they rely on.

“This manifesto is proof the Tories are ditching any claim to stand up for older people. Pensioners would lose the pension guarantee, the Winter Fuel Allowance would be taken away from most pensioners and Conservative social care plans would see many of those who need care forced to pay for it with their homes.
The tax guarantee they previously made is gone.

“While they’ll cut Corporation Tax – to 17 per cent – for big corporations they’re dropping their promise not to raise income tax and National Insurance contributions, raising the spectre of tax rises on lower and middle incomes. No wonder they’ve dropped their previous promise to raising living standards and the phrase “living standards” doesn’t appear at all.

“For our public services – already slashed by the Tories – there’s nothing positive in these plans. They’ve failed to match Labour’s commitment on extra funding for the NHS and education and there’s no detail other than a vague promise on giving the NHS funding – a promise they made in the past and broke.
For schools would mean scrapping free school meals for our youngest school children, an £11 million cut to Thurrock schools and pushing ahead with the planning reconfiguring of our A & E, bringing Basildon, Southend and Chelmsford together.

“The Tories stand up only for the few. For the many they offer the prospect of five years of insecurity.


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