Thursday, June 13, 2024

Days Like This………

Thurrock 17

I HEARD the news today. And then you go to your computer and start your working day publishing stories on YourThurrock.

In many ways, you want to keep a respectful distance whilst reporting what may be relevant to the residents of Thurrock.

You report statements from the relevant police authorities, the politicians and the councils.

For a moment or two, you wonder if people are really interested in the stories we are lining up to publish.

Of course, the answer is yes and it is important to show that life, as best you can, goes on and should go on.

And so, whether it is Thurrock Hockey; what is on at the Bull this weekend; a man wanted in Tilbury; Orsett Hall winning an award or any of the potential stories from the 280 e-mails sitting on our system, it is perhaps more important than ever to cherish and reflect and showcase the way of life more than ever.

Even as we speak, our commentators on Facebook are having a ding dong. However you defend the way of life that allows others to peacefully hold contrary views, it is a day to cherish that.

And so we go forward.


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