GE17: Labour’s John Kent vows to stay in touch if elected as MP

John Kent vows: I will stay in touch

THURROCK’S Labour Parliamentary candidate John Kent says if he wins June’s election he will take practical steps to keep in touch with local people.

“This is something I’m passionate about – something I believe all MPs should do,” he said.

“Political commentators talk about the ‘Westminster bubble’ – well I have spent all my life in Thurrock and I want the best for local people, but to do that you must create a two-way conversation.

“I would pay for a printed supplement in one of our local newspapers at least four times a year to tell everyone what I have been doing on their behalf, both in Westminster and here in Thurrock.

“In addition, I would organise regular public meetings around the constituency so people can come and question me face-to-face. My favourite political moments over recent years have been the meetings we organised in Orsett, Ockendon and Tilbury against the government’s crossing plans.

“And, of course, I would be holding regular surgeries in Thurrock and meeting with local people from all parts of our community.”

We asked John why he feels this is important to say now: “Over the past two years, and specifically over the last few weeks, many local people have told me they are fed up with Jackie Doyle-Price. There is a widespread feeling that she believes Thurrock is in her pocket and that she has no need to engage with the community. What I find telling is that it’s traditional Conservative voters as well as Labour voters telling me this. Their words are far more colourful and succinct than mine!

“Our representative in Parliament must be exactly that, our representative, and you can’t represent people without listening to them all.”

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