Gateway Learning Community travel down The Silk Road

PUPILS from all four Gateway Learning Community academies (Herringham, Gateway Primary Free School, Lansdowne and Pioneer), recently took part in a workshop with Kinetika.

glc silk

who specialise in silk painting. The scheme, Thurrock Trailblazers through the Royal Opera House, participate in a number of cultural arts projects locally.

During the workshop, the pupils worked with Kinetika as part of a project called ‘The Silk River’, which aims to create a series of silk paintings to celebrate the local area and its link to the River Thames, and to its neighbouring river in India, a tributary of the Ganges.

Pupils investigated the local area with members of Tilbury’s local history society, before creating representations of life associated with the river in sketches. Over the coming months, Kinetika will work with the schools to produce a final silk banner that will be paraded through Tilbury as part of a ten-day celebration during September.

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