“There will be a grammar school in Thurrock” claims education boss

THE Portfolio holder for education and health, cllr James Halden re-affirmed his commitment to bringing a grammar school in Thurrock.

James Halden June

Cllr Halden made the commitment as he rose to deliver his annual report in education and health.

Some may have been surprised at his continuing pursuit of a grammar school in Thurrock as only the day before education minister, Justine Greening had announced that plans for new grammar schools would be shelved.

However, cllr Halden announced that they would be pursing the “annexe route”. You can follow this at the 8 min mark of the film.

The fifteen minute presentation also followed information on health hubs, sin-bins in schools and a host of other subjects.

You might also want to look out for UKIP leader, cllr Graham Snell’s observation on how many times cllr Halden uses the first person singular.

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