Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Purfleet Regeneration: “Is this dead in the water?”

Purfleet Centre

“Mr Mayor, I don’t want to over-dramatise things but there is a real feeling that this scheme is dead in the water”.

The former leader of Thurrock Council has once again expressed his concerns that a massive plan to regenerate Purfleet will not see the light of day.

As you can see from our film below, the exchanges in the council chamber appear to be between two major political players, i.e. the former leader of the council (and Labour candidate in recent General Election) and the portfolio holder for regeneration (and partner/advisor to the Thurrock MP, Jackie Doyle-Price.

The portfolio holder, cllr Mark Coxshall denied that he believes that it is dead in the water and said “It has got to happen”.

The last time we spoke to the company in charge of regeneration, Urban Catalyst, they told us that things were still moving forward.

But the mood music in the chamber is not good and observers may wonder what the political subtext is here? Are politicians saying one thing here and other things privately.

You may wonder why such a fuss is being made? Many believe that if it does not, then regeneration will have been something that will have passed Thurrock by. Many believe that will mean Thurrock will just become a place to be stuck in your car or develop COPD. If so, then perhaps these films are all about who will be blamed.


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