Come and join the Airsoft team

THE Inter County Airsoft Competition is a fairly new organisation of air-softers based all around the country split into their counties and play the sport representing where they are from.

Airsoft can be best described as similar to paintball but more tactical, more disciplined, less painful and a lot less expensive!.

It’s a fast paced, usually objective military simulated kind of game that runs throughout the day and is adrenalin-fuelled fun for everyone.

The I.C.A.C encourages people who want to play without the prejudice of gender, age or ability and/or disability.

The only criteria for the sport as a whole is you have to be over 12 years old.

You may like to see some photos, videos or gather information on what we do or how to join. Its easy!

Look them up on Facebook by searching for
Essex Airsoft Team – ICAC


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