Thursday, June 13, 2024

Thurrock Ukip call for action on fly-tipping hotspots

Fly 1306

UKIP Cllr Peter Smith has called for the Council to get real with the continual Fly-Tipping and dumping of rubbish, particularly on the old A13 in Purfleet (A1306).

UKIP Thurrock’s Highways and Transport Spokesman, Cllr Peter Smith said: “Enough is enough, residents are sick and tired of the eye watering amount of rubbish being dumped, we hear plenty about Clean it, Cut it, Fill it but there is precious little cleaning going on here. It has also lead to continual damage to the verge and kerbstones.

“The damage is caused by indiscriminate parking of HGV vehicles over time and now we need to put the interests of our residents first. The Tory Administration needs to get a grip and clear this rubbish and look to a long-term solution in this free for all lay-by rubbish tip.”


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