Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Thurrock Council making good progress on pothole pledge


EARLIER this year, Thurrock Conservative councillor Shane Hebb made the bold pledge that they would “fill in every pothole in the borough by 2018”.

Thurrock’s highways lead has welcomed the progress made on filling potholes.

Through Thurrock Council’s clean it, cut it, fill it initiative, engineers have been working across the borough to fix thousands of defects using various methods which affect road residents.

One method – jet-patching, which fills potholes in a fraction of the time of regular pothole filling – has completed for the summer while regular pothole repairs continue.

Since the works began in May, 3,062 potholes were filled.

Portfolio Holder for Highways and Transport, Cllr Brian Little, said: “We know how important the condition of roads are to residents and we are working hard to repair potholes.

“Through clean it, cut it, fill it and other initiatives, we are investing more than £2million this year alone on road upgrades and repairs.

“There’s still more work to do, but residents should see a real improvement in the roads across Thurrock.”

For more information on the clean it, cut it, fill it initiative please visit thurrock.gov.uk/cleancutfill


  1. All good publicity, but when the winter comes in many more potholes will be created by water egress and heavy frosts as they get into the weak points of the carriageways or alongside the already repaired potholes where joints weaken (the pothole surround) the structure and cause many maintenance problems (that’s why one big patch in preference to 30 -40 potholes make good financial sense).

    Telling the public that you have filled 3062 potholes is not a boast, it tells me you are light years behind and that the infrastructure of your carriageways are failing you.


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