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Is care for the vulnerable in Thurrock close to breaking point?

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Is care for the vulnerable in Thurrock close to breaking point?

ACCORDING to a number of sources, the answer is yes. According to Thurrock Council, no.

Our sources tell us that Thurrock Council are really really struggling to provide carers for the most vulnerable in Thurrock.

A large number of residents have care provided, that is, a carer comes round once, twice or three times a day but from the start of the Bank Holiday weekend, we have been told that Thurrock Council managers were desperately ringing round to try and cover the care.

A source, that did not wished to be named said: “There was total panic on Friday afternoon. There were real concerns that up to 200 residents may not receive care.

“Residents were being called and asked if it was ok if they have one or more of their visits dropped. That just isn’t right.

We sent Thurrock Council a series of questions. A spokesperson said: “There were no uncovered calls this weekend for Thurrock Council’s internal domiciliary care provision. No Thurrock resident in our care had their calls scaled down without having it first raised by them to the Council to explain that they required less visits as members of their family were visiting over the bank holiday.

Portfolio Holder for Adults Social Care, Cllr Sue Little said: “The challenge experienced by domiciliary care is not a new problem, it is a national issue focused on difficulty in recruiting staff and a profession which is regrettably undervalued.

“In Thurrock we have met these challenges head on, we have increased the hourly rate to stabilise our external market, we have taken failing services back into the Council and we are currently under taking the procurement of our domiciliary care services.”

YT also spoke to another source, who looked at the matter from a different angle.

They said: “It is now becoming harder to find carers in Thurrock. Many people can find three or four hours shifts in places such as Amazon. Unless Thurrock Council confront that then they are facing a real crisis and this weekend may become a regular occurrence.”


  1. I wouldn’t believe a word the Tory-run Thurrock Council says as they have a habit of bullshitting and forcing through whatever crap they like such as the stealth increase in council rents under the excuse that ‘service charges’ don’t constitute an increase in rent.

    There is a crisis in the care for the vulnerable and it’s the Tories fault because of their ideological austerity agenda.

  2. The Tories are making the
    pay for there own care without the means.

    Unless you force them all into work. only problem is corporations don’t want to employ dead wood. JDP and the government don’t want to pay benefits to dead wood. So the vulnerable lose everything.

    the really sad part is take my case. they are forcing charges on me which is forcing me to claim benefits as my savings will drop below £6000. I have to claim ESA and will end up in the Support group due to my disabilities. now the poor taxpayer is not only paying me my rent increase but the whole rent Employment and support allowance and Personal independence Allowance.

    As I TRADE for myself and live within my means. doing the right thing. I am going to be claiming instead of paying tax in.

    Jackie DOYLE PRICE do something for once. instead of sitting on your fat lazy arse. How do I go about recalling an MP?


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