Sunday, June 16, 2024

Chair of “No to Thames Crossing” group steps down


THE head of the group that campaigned against a new Thames Crossing in Thurrock is stepping down from his role.

George Abbott told the Facebook group “Thames Crossing Proposals:” that he had accepted the compulsory purchase on his property off Baker Street in Orsett and was moving away.

Mr Abbott was know for his passionate, articulate and determined approach to the decision to put a new Thames Crossing through Thurrock.

Mr Abbott said: “As chairman of the group, I feel it’s only right that I step down and be replaced by someone who will remain local and be focused on keeping the fight going and filling the parts I have played going forward.

“I hope everyone can appreciate that I now need to ensure I have everything in order to move my family.

“I will remain a keen member and will gladly support wherever I can should the group feel I can be of use. I have also offered to help find and identify the right person to chair the group going forward and take the seat on the councils task force.

“It’s been a tough decision but one that I feel is right for the group. I hope everyone understands. Thanks to everyone that has given me their personal support and reached out to me directly and to all those that have helped along the way.

“I’ve met some wonderful people and really seen the community unite. It’s been a pleasure.


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