Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Flooding warning off Thurrock coast

Statement from Environment Agency

THIS message has been issued because of the forecast for high tides at Southend linked to spring tides. Tides are expected to be higher than usual and may cause minor flooding in low lying coastal areas.

The forecast indicates a series of risk tides for the next few days. We will update this message before each high tide. High water is due at Southend at 1:15pm, on Thursday 5th October 2017.

Flood OctThe detailed forecast for those that use it is for a peak level of 3.69mAODN, which is 0.82m above tide tables. The wind forecast is Force 6, North-Westerly (mAODN means height above average sea level, for more info refer to local tide tables). We are monitoring the situation closely and will update messages accordingly.


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