Saturday, September 23, 2023

Ukip Tilbury councillor makes “cautious welcome” to Tilbury masterplan

John Allen

TILBURY councillor, John Allen has offered a cautious welcome to the Tilbury Masterplan. Cllr John Allen said:

“Tilbury has been neglected by both the Conservative and Labour Parties down the years so a bit of TLC is long overdue.

“The plans look good on paper but I urge residents to have a good hard look at the plans to get an understanding of what the Masterplan represents. There are questions to ask; more house building will mean more traffic, more traffic means increased pollution; how will this be mitigated? How many of the homes will be affordable and how many will be available for local people?

“Our community needs to come together to keep a close eye on how our town is developed, we do welcome regeneration but we must ensure that regeneration doesn’t end up covering Tilbury in concrete.As your elected Councillor I will continue to fight Tilbury’s corner and make sure the voice of its people is heard as these plans develop.”


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