Thurrock Labour call Jackie Doyle-Price “worse than useless” over Universal Credit

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Thurrock Labour condemn Jackie Doyle-Price as ‘worse than useless’ over Universal Credit vote

THURROCK Labour has poured scorn on Thurrock’s Conservative MP Jackie Doyle-Price after she failed to attend a high profile vote on the Government’s flagship Universal Credit scheme.

On Wednesday evening MPs unanimously passed Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn’s motion calling on the Government to pause the planned roll out of Universal Credit across the country. However, in a desperate attempt to save themselves the embarrassment of defeat all but one Conservative MP, including Thurrock MP Jackie Doyle-Price, opted to abstain on the vote.

Universal Credit is the Conservative Government’s new single payment scheme set to replace a number of existing benefits including job seekers allowance, child tax credits, and housing benefit. The scheme began to be rolled out in Thurrock this month and is set to affect over 1000 residents across the borough.

The Labour Party along with many charities has strongly criticised Universal Credit for pushing people into poverty, debt and homelessness. Reductions in support for families with children are expected to push around 200,000 more British children into poverty by 2020/21. In addition, Universal Credit claimants must wait at least 5 weeks before receiving their first payment, which has already forced many people into debt and has even led to evictions as tenants fall into arrears.

Thurrock Labour leader, Councillor Oliver Gerrish, expressed his pride at Labour’s successful motion calling for Universal Credit to be paused and fixed saying “Jeremy Corbyn is absolutely right that this dangerous policy must be paused. We cannot allow Thurrock residents, who are already struggling to get by, to be tipped into poverty and homelessness. Many of those who will be affected are already in full-time work and they cannot afford to wait weeks on end for their payments.

Rounding on Jackie Doyle-Price Cllr Gerrish went on to say “It simply beggars belief that Jackie chose to abstain on the vote to pause Universal Credit. Each week our Conservative MP seems to find more ways to fail the people of Thurrock. The 1000 residents across our borough who face hardship due to Universal Credit must be wondering what Jackie is being paid for.

“By repeatedly failing to represent the interests of Thurrock residents Jackie has proved to be worse than useless as our MP, allowing local people to be ignored and terrible policy after terrible policy to be inflicted unchallenged in Parliament. What is the point of an MP who can’t be bothered to vote on behalf of their constituents?

“While Jackie is failing to be Thurrock’s voice in Parliament, Labour is showing the leadership necessary to put the country back on track.”

Labour is keeping the pressure on the struggling Conservative Government with a public petition which you can sign here

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