Monday, June 5, 2023

CHEP open new state of the art centre in South Ockendon


CHEP UK & Ireland has opened a new state-of-the-art pallet repair and service centre facility in South Ockendon. The new facility stands on the existing CHEP site and delivers increased availability for the growing pallet demand from customers in the South-East region.

CHEP has invested more than £2 million in equipping the facility with some of the most advanced automatic fault-detection and repair equipment available. In response to the rapidly evolving needs of its extensive customer base, the new automation equipment will deliver significant efficiency and productivity improvements. This investment in automation will enable a higher level of consistency in pallet quality with the added benefit of improved levels of platform consistency and appearance for all customers.

CHEP UK & Ireland, Vice-President and Country General Manager, Helen Lane, said: “The key areas where the automation will deliver these productivity and efficiency improvements are inspection, repair and paint stencilling. Customers will benefit from improved levels of platform consistency delivered by this increased automation and reduced manual intervention required in the conventional inspect and repair process.

Additionally, the South Ockendon site is in the ideal location to effectively manage the large number of satellite pallet processing operations installed for customers on their sites in the South of England.”


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